Frequently Asked Questions

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Wait 10-15 minutes when the light goes or deem. If the light does not come or is not right,then the complaint should be done.(1912 or 1800 180 1550).Note the complaint No ,How long will the light be asked.If you are satisfied with the time given by the department,Then wait.If not then put the complaint no in this group with the photo of the fault.
Note: Factory Name with complaint No.


If you or near you “Sewer Off.Over flow” if it is broken or the lid is not,You should apply complaint on “1800-180-5678”.if this no is not found for any reason,then you can find the photos of the place,location.You can send it to the group by written down the no or your name. NOTE: All the facilities of Public Health are only within the scope of the city-corporation (HSIIDC NEW or OLD will not find these facilities).


Email : Important Numbers


1. To get the bad street light fixed- Complaint No 7027845050/8059988940
2. To get the new street light give in written form to the corporation.
3. To get Cleaning done (bushy) 18001805007
4.Garbage (awk) to spew it- 18001805007